Welcome to CSL Olympia!

enews2014-final-top-banner-for-eNewsfinal1April Fools! Center for Spiritual Living – Olympia invites you to visit our community to explore new possibilities for your life. We are dedicated to helping you discover an inner power to transform your personal life and make the world a better place.

We teach Science of Mind - practical spiritual teachings drawing on ageless wisdom and New Thought principles to promote personal growth and awakening.


Monthly Message

A Community of Love and Belonging

2014loveandbelonginglogo5April: A New Dawn of Rebirth

Dear Friends and Community Members, Together In and With the Spirit of Love and Truth We Are Reborn. We are embracing the sun this month and with it a new dawn of rebirth within our experience as a spiritual community. ....


Weekly Sunday Topics

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    Together In and With the Spirit of Love and Truth We Are Reborn

  • Finding Your Prayer Power - Rev. Michael Auch

    RevSueOliverExplore the five aspects of Prayer as defined by Science of Mind:  recognition, unification, realization, thanksgiving and release. Explore styles of prayer and how we access prayer energy to create results. We will pray for successful transition and growth for CSL-Olympia.
  • The Road Less Traveled: Riding in on Humility, Faith & Love - Rev. Sue Oliver

    RevSueOliverPalm Sunday is the day Jesus rode a "colt of a donkey" triumphantly, yet humbly, into Jerusalem, a week before his crucifixion and resurrection.  Metaphysically, this story represents the journey that each of us travels towards experiencing and expressing God's Good in and as our life.
  • The Metaphysical Easter or the Trojan Easter Bunny - Susan Einhorn, RScP

    image2Easter has been celebrated as a historical and religious event of faith for 1000’s of years, yet there is a deeper metaphysical teaching within this holiday that lingers, hidden within the shadows of the tomb. Dis-cover the mysteries practiced by the masters that were always meant for you.

  • Spring Is Here: A New Beginning - Rev. Deborah Gay

    RevDeboraGayThe creativity of spring is all around. We have an opportunity for a fresh beginning. This can be a time to come into a new agreement with Life. Many have been on deep journeys having tested us & clarified what is important, & even left us somewhat breathless! What will your life be about now?

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