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enews2014-final-top-banner-for-eNewsfinal1Quenching Our Soul's Thirst at the Well of Science of Mind Center for Spiritual Living – Olympia invites you to visit our community to explore new possibilities for your life. We are dedicated to helping you discover an inner power to transform your personal life and make the world a better place.

We teach Science of Mind - practical spiritual teachings drawing on ageless wisdom and New Thought principles to promote personal growth and awakening.


Monthly Message

A Community of Love and Belonging

2014loveandbelonginglogo5Quenching Our Soul's Thirst at the Well of Science of Mind
I am grateful for the merciful shade from the heat of the hot August sun as I unravel the kinks in the water hose. My newly purchased trees stand in a line like tired and thirsty travelers on a pilgrimage, begging for a turn at the well to soothe their parched bodies. ...


Weekly Sunday Topics

  • 481451-bigthumbnailAugust 2014

    Quenching Our Soul's Thirst At The Well Of Science of Mind

    ❝An idea has no real value until it becomes an experience. In conversation, we assume great knowledge of religion and philosophy, but how much do we really experience? We can know only that which we experience. All great religions have taught truth, but it means nothing to us unless it becomes our truth. What life does for us must be done through us … Spirituality cannot--and does not--borrow its light from another, no matter how great or noble that other may be.❞ -  Ernest Holmes READ MORE | DOWNLOAD OUR MONTHLY BULLETIN PDF


  • "I AM" Living in the Fire of My Heart's Desire - Rev. Suzi Schadle

    revsuzischadleFocus is on who we are called to BE and what we are called to DO out of our Beingness:  Passion, Purpose, Path, and Promise
    "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." - Gospel of Saint Thomas
  • Drawing on God - Cathy Pfeil, RScP

    image6Diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that affects the autonomic nervous system, Cathy was told to make her arrangements, contact hospice and plan on dying. Instead she picked up her journal and began her personal journey of healing, of Drawing on God.

  • I am SO Blessed - Cultivating a Grateful Heart - Rev. Heather Venegas

    revheathervenegasEnhance your partnership with the Divine by cultivating a grateful heart. Learn how gratitude changes everything, is the "anointing of increase" (Marcia Sutton), "an opener of locked-up blessings". (Marianne Williamson), and "the end to struggle."(Neale Donald Walsch) Discover how more gratitude, less attitude can bless your life in amazing ways! Practice accepting what is, taking responsibility, and giving thanks, then watch the shifts happen!
  • Empathic: Is it a Blessings or Just Exhausting - Rev. Harold Costa

    revharoldcostaDo you feel affected to other people's feeling/emotions? Have you ever found yourself feeling sad or confused, for no apparent reason? Do you or other's think you are a highly sensitive person? Join Reverend Harold Costa discussing tools to work with the gifts of being empathic, and just living in a state of Wholeness. Understand your gifts as an Empath and how to experience Wholeness in yourself and others! Learn and practice specific tools that WILL change your life for a greater Good!
  • Skinny Dipping with God - Rev. Leta Mullens

    "Love is not the answer. It is the assignment!" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. revletamullenSwimming begins with learning to trust that the water will hold you up, and practicing the skills that help you work with the flow and fully enjoy the experience. Living the Life of your Dreams begins with an attitude of trusting in the Goodness of Life! Ernest Holmes wrote that faith is a "mental attitude." In other words, what we believe, conscious or unconscious, is what we have faith in. We all have fears, unconscious attitudes, and impulses to plan and control life, that seem to trip us up and stop us from enjoying the freedom and passion we want to experience. Let's talk about the spiritual skills you need to practice in order to build your faith in the Goodness of Life so you can fully immerse yourself in the juiciness and abundant blessings of letting Life have it's way with you.

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